I don’t want to fall another moment into your gravity

vintage photo of gay soldiers

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Dear Peter,

Something always brings me back to you. It never takes too long. No matter what I say or do, I’ll still feel you here ’til the moment I’m gone. You hold me without touch, keep me without chains. I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love and not feel your rain.

Set me free, leave me be. I don’t want to fall another moment into your gravity. Here I am, and I stand so tall, just the way I’m supposed to be — but you’re on to me, and all over me.

You loved me ’cause I’m fragile — when I thought that I was strong. But you touch me for a little while and all my fragile strength is gone. I live here on my knees as I try to make you see that you’re everything I think I need here on the ground. But you’re neither friend nor foe, though I can’t seem to let you go.

The one thing that I still know is that you’re keeping me down. You’re on to me, on to me, and all over

…Something always brings me back to you. It never takes too long.


Image: Photographer, sitters, unknown
Vocal: Brent Wilson
Text: Song lyrics, Gravity, by Sarah Bareilles,
imagined here as a letter from one lover to another

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  1. Beautifully re-imagined….:)

    Posted October 10, 2011 at 9:21 pm | Permalink
  2. stephen

    I come back to this site as a refuge and am never disappointed. Pity that song is so badly sung – who knows what the hell he’s singing about – but never mind. I’m a fan. Thanks. BTW. Hope you don’t mind – I really should have asked your permission – but I used the ravishing photo from Provincetown to anchor a posting noting the deaf of the last victim of the nazi persecution of gay men. It’s here: http://www.stinque.com/2011/09/28/love-me-or-leave-me/

    And also a lovely concatenation of men dancing together.

    Posted October 15, 2011 at 9:59 am | Permalink
  3. stephen


    Posted October 15, 2011 at 10:00 am | Permalink

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