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jónsi & alex 1

Yesterday evening saw the launch of  Riceboy Sleeps, the bewitchingly mesmeric debut album from Jónsi and Alex. Being as Jónsi’s day job is as the lead singer with the eminent and equally magical Sigur Rós, Woolf & Wilde attended the opening expecting the unexpected and we weren’t remotely, even momentarily disappointed. Spurning the faux bonhomie and empty glamour of Soho House […]

in the american west 1

Nostalgia is a curious, dark beast. It imbues virtually everything we taste, hear, see, discuss, recall, cherish and too often despise also. Even the stoniest of hearts must endeavour hard to deny it’s foundation in our collective psyches. One of many reasons that makes Richard Avedon’s brutal, solemn In The American West such a bold, […]

prick up your ears 20

A screen, pitch black. A letterbox opens, two eyes peering through all gloryhole curious. Pull back, sharply yanked. The door caves kicked in. Trilbied police thunder through. “Dear oh dear oh dear. Somebody here’s been playing silly buggers” smirks a suave D.C. surveying the still warm corpses of playwright Joe Orton and his murdering, then […]

the constant 1

the Constant furiku i redheart you colour of my blood rushing to my head i redheart you i redheart you thinking all about you what’s a boy gotta do? i redheart you if my blood is all i have in each & every instant my love for you & my heartbeat are the only constant […]

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