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heaven’s so big there ain’t no need to look up 5

I woke beneath a clear blue sky — the sun a shout, the breeze a sigh. The old hometown, and the streets I knew, wrapped up in a royal blue. I heard my friends laughing out across the fields — The girls in the gloaming and the birds on the wheel. The raw smell of […]

i’m a good man for ya 3

Click to hear song: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] I fell in love with your sound Oh I love to sing along with you… Babe we both had dry spells Hard times in bad lands I’m a good man – for ya I’m a good man… Last night there was a horse in […]

bliss: he said, he said 0

He said: If I could trace the lines that ran Between your smile and your sleight of hand, I would guess that you put something up my sleeve. Now every time I see your face, the bells ring in a far-off place, We can find each other this way I believe. He said: As my […]

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