12 moments, 12 months: DIARyatzer

Yatzer, the effervescent Athens-based design site lead by Costas Voyatzis, has just released its latest DIARyatzer, a collection of twelve images to accompany each month of the year. This issue showcases the work of three talented photographers, Daniel Holfeld, Petra Reiman, Dom Agius, with words by Mr. Agius, all resulting in a truly beautiful ensemble.

12 moments, 12 months

There are moments in life which are passed by
but somebody has captured the moment
somebody has created a memory
a memory of a lifetime
with feelings and senses
a memory for every month of the year



click to view the DIARyatzer2009

Photos: Daniel Holfeld, Petra Reiman, Dom Agius
Text: Dom Agius
DIARyatzer 2009: Yatzer.com

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