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i find my deliverance in you

Two boxers embracing, vintage, gay photo

Now when I am near to you, dear friend,
Passing out of myself, being delivered —
Through those eyes and lips and hands, so loved, so ardently loved,

I am become free;
In the sound of your voice I dwell
As in a world defended from evil.

When I am accounted by the world to be — all that I leave behind;
It is nothing to me any longer.
Like one who leaves a house with all its mouldy old furniture and pitches
        his camp under heaven’s blue,
        So I take up my abode in your presence —

I find my deliverance in you.

Text: Edward Carpenter, When I am near you, Towards Democracy, 1905
Image: Sitters, photographer unknown

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    i find my deliverance in you

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  1. stephen

    Very interesting man and writer. Influenced himself by Whitman he in turn influenced a generation of English men. Enjoying the blog. Thanks.

    Posted October 29, 2010 at 11:49 pm | Permalink

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