the big banana


I want to liberate beautiful boys from false ideas about sex.
Sex is religious mystical healthy and nutritious.
It’s like eating a banana.
The Big Banana in the sky.
I’d like to peel him and eat him, foreskin and all.
Fall on my knees and worship god’s rod.
If he’s Jewish or Moslem well eat him sliced, all creamy.
Big Banana Split with nuts.
Perfect Orgone Prana Orgasm.
There is no Banana but the One Banana.
All other bananas are bananas.
I am the Big Banana.
Thou shalt have no other bananas before me.
Yes, we have no bananas.

Text: Harold Norse, The Big Banana, 1976, San Francisco
Image: Unknown, 1940s

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  1. Why am I reminded of the lyrics to “The Limbo”….”how low can you go?”

    Posted September 12, 2009 at 6:07 pm | Permalink

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