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between them a spark passed 20

Their eyes met with a singular directness of gaze. Between them a spark passed which was not afterwards to be distinguished, though neither of them knew the moment of its kindling…   Text: excerpt from ‘The Shuttle,’ 1907, Frances Hodgson Burnett Image: photographer, subjects, unknown

i want to love you 27

I want to be the door in your jam– always close to your strong members. I want to swell with our humid love so we will be stuck together. Love-locked, your frame around my solid core, we’d never be jimmied apart. I want to be your vanity drawer, to hide my treasures in you. I […]

ride me like a wave 6

Click to hear song: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] hide me in your hollows taste the salt that clings to me shipwrecked in your shadows scented by the sea hide me in the wisdom of your thighs ride me like a wave chart my secret places navigate my shores map the ocean’s traces […]

may you give it to me and I not beg it from you 0

I want to cry my pain and I am telling you so you will love me and cry for me in a nightfall of nightingales with a dagger, with kisses and with you. I want to kill the only witness to the assassination of my flowers and change my weeping and my sweating into an […]

the big banana 1

I want to liberate beautiful boys from false ideas about sex. Sex is religious mystical healthy and nutritious. It’s like eating a banana. The Big Banana in the sky. I’d like to peel him and eat him, foreskin and all. Fall on my knees and worship god’s rod. If he’s Jewish or Moslem well eat […]

holding on tight 0

It was my turn to decide, I knew this was our time. No one else will have me like you do, No one else will have me, only you. You’ll sit alone forever if you wait for the right time, What are you hoping for? I’m here and now I’m ready, Holding on tight. Text: […]

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