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one of the greatest songwriters you think you’ve never heard of 0

A master composer of our time will celebrate his 78th birthday this week. He is a man who has been nominated for five Tony awards, won two, and was just presented with a special Tony for Lifetime Achievement in the Theater last month. One Broadway song he wrote was recorded by Louis Armstrong in 1964 […]

his manners attached me to him for ever 0

His voice first attracted my attention, his countenance fixed it, and his manners attached me to him for ever…I certainly love him more than any human being… Text: Lord Byron writing to Elizabeth Bridget Pigot about his boyfriend, John Eddleston, 5th July 1807 Image: Unknown

holding on tight 0

It was my turn to decide, I knew this was our time. No one else will have me like you do, No one else will have me, only you. You’ll sit alone forever if you wait for the right time, What are you hoping for? I’m here and now I’m ready, Holding on tight. Text: […]

web site story 1

What do Broadway and the Internet have in common? Nothing. One of them is a geographic location where lots of theatrical shows occur, the other is a network of computers. Metaphorically, though, they still don’t have anything in common. That doesn’t make this Internet-themed musical any less entertaining. hat tip: Matthew Weissman

all i wanted was a few words from you 0

If you do not want to write, at least spit on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, and send it to me. You are not taking any notice of me at all. God forgive you — all I wanted was a few words from you. Text: Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky to his young […]

the day judy garland outed me 3

A light-bulb memory of a moment which revealed the real me to others — and to myself. Rummaging through a box of books in the garage one day when I was 12 years old, I stumbled across a copy of the paperback edition of ‘Weep No More, My Lady,’* a biography of Judy Garland. Several […]

o last night i dreamed of you, johnny, my lover 6

Song X O the valley in the summer where I and my John Beside the deep river would walk on and on While the flowers at our feet and the birds up above Argued so sweetly on reciprocal love, And I leaned on his shoulder; “O Johnny, let’s play”: But he frowned like thunder and […]

that shadow my likeness 0

That Shadow My Likeness That shadow my likeness that goes to and fro seeking a livelihood, chattering, chaffering, How often I find myself standing and looking at it where it flits, How often I question and doubt whether that is really me; But among my lovers and caroling these songs, O I never doubt whether […]

it takes two men to tango 0

Although some will wish that the two men dancing the tango together in these two videos were a couple, in fact they are brothers. Natives of Argentina, Enrique and Guillermo de Faz, known together as Los Hermanos Macana, perform their two-man shows all around the world. Their amazing footwork, esprit and versatility on the floor […]

images from queer history create portrait of harvey milk 0

MILK, a ‘photomosaic’ of Harvey Milk, will be unveiled today in San Francisco. Artist Robert Silvers used 2300 hundred photos from the GLBT Historical Society to recreate photographer Dan Nicoletta’s iconic photo of Milk, the San Francisco city supervisor and gay activist who was assassinated in 1978. Prints of MILK are for sale through Scott […]

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